Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And The Reason Is

TIMEOUT: The garage gate still does not close automatically and there are different contractors coming in and out of this building. The "new" homeless is wandering the streets and our garage gate is wide open in the middle of the night. Can someone say SAFETY CONCERN?
What's with the people in the building being too lazy to manually close the gate after they park their car? You wait until I drop off my Under Armour shopping bag. Oh yes...nothing but the best for my running quest! Oh yes back to me and my rampage.
I drop off my bag and head to the building manager but I see an elderly lady that I believe lives on this floor. (I have no idea who lives here. I am rarely here but I mind my business, work, sleep, run, and return home to NYC.) She has three bags in a cart and is dragging another bag on the floor. I ask her if I can help her and she JOYFULLY accepted. I could not help but to notice her bandaged ear. As I help her get the bags into her place, she tells me that she had surgery and they removed the cancer from her ear. She further added that she needs surgery in the upcoming week - two days on her nose to remove the skin cancer. I AM DEVASTATED! 
She invites me into her place and we began to talk after she told me about her pain. I made her laugh with all my stories. It's funny how after we go through pain, we can tell the story and laugh about it later. It is our testimony of what we have gone through in our lives that can uplift others.
After 4 hours of great conversation, I retired for the evening and she thanked me for taking time with her because it made the pain bearable. And that was the reason...