Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Friday, December 14, 2012

Words Can Never Describe...

The pain and agony that must be felt by the parents, school staff, and community of Newton, Connecticut. To lose anyone dear to you is difficult but to lose a little one in any situation is unthinkable.

We must focus attention on cherishing the victims and survivors and embracing our own families with love and honor. We must not waste time sensationalizing people who are mentally challenged and downright heartless, if not mentally disturbed, to commit such horrific acts. Let us put an action plan together to stop the mental illness and abuse of children and adults and create better gun laws to protect our children's children.  Generations should not be lost because of these antics. Run the course of social action.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Rich or Famous Are Just Like You

A little notoriety does not mean exemption from problems.  When a person of modest income and standard living exhibits some emotional concerns, it is normally attributed to a lack of education, finance, profession, or family ties.

But what happens when you have all that and you still have problems?  Your worry may not be climbing the corporate ladder because you are at the top rung. Your concern may be how to stay there because everyone is attacking you to get your position.  Your concern may not be how to pay the monthly bills or pay for the car repair in the next three months. Your concern may be how to maintain a lifestyle if you become unemployed or the second or main breadwinner dies or becomes unemployed in the next 5 years. You may not be worried about child care while you and your spouse work because you have enough money to pay for a round the clock nanny.  However you may be concerned with the education that your child is missing by not being around you and your educated friends all the time due to work responsibilities.  Your concern may never be taking drugs or drinking because you are not around others that partake in those activities.  Nonetheless the money and fame means more access to more prominent and powerful secret things that people are eager to have you take to bring you down or take you out.

Everyone has problems both big and small.  You can not discount another person's problems just because they supposedly have more money, fame, or fortune than you.  We all pray to the same God who is able to keep us from falling.

Keep this in mind before you judge anyone.

RIP Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Kassandra Perkins, Jovan Belcher, Junior Seau

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Level New Devil

Recently promoted?  Recently been rewarded?  New recognition?  Well hold on and don't get comfortable.  This means there is a new group of haters and blockers that are not in your favor.

If you have not torn others down to get to the next level and your brilliance is on the shine and tolerance for nonsense is on the decline, you definitely should be proud of yourself. Most people rise by bringing down others or at least make themselves feel better by doing this. Yet there is an old saying, dig a hole for one and you should dig a hole for two.

Congrats on your achievements but do not get comfortable, complacent, or lazy.  The same way you worked hard to get here is the same way you will have to maintain staying here or at least getting to the next level.  There will be new challenges and new persons trying to disprove your work ethic and intelligence.  Keep track of all your interactions with others.  Be sure you cover yourself and make a strong statement - without being a jerk - that you are here to stay.

If you were not gifted, no one would be standing in your way or blocking you from opportunities.  Only the strong survive and I am cheering for you to thrive not just survive.  Run the course because you definitely may be hindered along the way but you WILL win in the end!