Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Friday, May 17, 2013

To Whom Much is Given

No matter the education, athleticism, fame, fortune, or political presence, you have not made it until you reach back and give to others.  Unfortunately a hint of success makes some entrepreneurs, executive leaders, entertainers, politicians, and athletes forget that reaching one person makes for a better community.   Eventually they recognize that money, power, and respect will ebb and flow based on economics, popularity, athletic prowess, and presence but the gratitude of those that are helped is lasting.  

If you are among the fortunate that has built a brand and stayed the course of creating an excellent present and exciting future, it is your job to give back to those less fortunate.  Whether it is for an area of expertise or a cause that has very strong personal purpose, it is better to give than to take.  After all, you have taken deals, contracts, favors, and opportunities to be where you are so why not create a level playing field or give someone else an edge to overcome a challenge?

This is one of the reasons I decided my company, The RLC Group, would be a Hosting Sponsor of the Ray Lewis Family Foundation.   Clearly my twitter (@temekoruns) pictures show that this NYer is a Ravens fan.  More importantly, Ray Lewis' focus on the health and fitness of the youth is aligned with the motivational arm, Run Life's Course, which encourages fitness (specifically running) as a means to change the mindset that a challenge can be overcome.

It started out as sponsorship for kids from New York City to attend the Baltimore Youth Fitness Clinic and awarding a host of technology prizes to the best participants in terms of effort and athleticism.  Two weeks later, it propelled into a conversation with the organizers of the Ray's Summer Days events which turned into gifting the Ray's Kids of Character with high technology prizes.  And justifiably so!  The Kids of Character definitely embody everything the youth should strive to be - involved in the community, excelling academically, leading community and spiritual efforts, and having a true spiritual relationship.  

How much will the laptops help the entering college students that graduated from the Kids of Character?  What educational technology gifts can help give more leverage to some of the other kids?  What will these children look like 10 years from now in their community, church, school, or employment? I don't know the immediate answers.  So the sponsorship package grew tremendously but hopefully it makes an even greater impact than the dollars for some well-deserving youth.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ready In Their Own Time Not Ours

As a runner that has been fortunate enough to only experience an ITB issue, there was the physical pain but worst the mental anguish of not knowing when it was going to disappear, get better, vanish, something.  Additionally there was the mental exhaustion of having it worsen during two marathons with no idea how I could sustain it to make it to the finish line.  Quitting was not an option but running marathons for me is a hobby in my lifestyle - it's not my passion nor my job.  

Injuries have plagued the key go-to players for several NBA teams this season with the result of losses that diminished the hopes of very promising teams entering the finals.  The Lakers, without Kobe Bryant, really had no chance.  The Thunder and the Bulls put up a fabulous fight in their respective Conference semifinals without Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose. In fact, Kevin Durant just looked lonely without Westbrook. The Celtics just kept looking short-handed without Rajon Rondo.  And even though David Lee decided to come into one game to help his team, the Warriors are most definitely missing his presence. So what do they feel mentally?

Sitting on a bench or at home tweeting the game away with no real way to physically help the team.  Missing the camaraderie that comes with professional sports because of surgery and doctor restrictions.  Making the same quick moves before on the court and all of a sudden, this injury creeps up out of nowhere. And the return must be even scary or challenging?  These are high performers and they must be at least as good as before or better.  If not, the critics will nail them.

Clearly I can never measure up to their athleticism, but once I took the first step to run the next marathon I believed I could conquer it and I did - my best PR.  So while everyone was pressuring Derrick Rose to make a move and suit up in the playoffs, he and all the others will do that in their own time - when they are ready mentally and physically.  We, as fans, should just look forward to see how they overcome the challenge and maintain their greatness with some incredible comebacks.  For whatever reason, it is part of their course.