Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mind Over Matter

Note to self:  What this knee wrap does not do for my ITB, my mind will have to overcome.  After your return trip over the Golden Gate Bridge, you are almost halfway done.  Be sure to take a picture with your Blackberry.
And we're off!
Mile 1 - No pain.
Mile 3 - A little pinch at the water stop. And here comes a hill, not elevation, but a mountain.  Yeah I am walking this.
Mile 5 - Fog and all, I can see the Golden Gate Bridge.  I take out my Blackberry and snap pictures because it is time to conquer.
Mile 7 - 11 - The adrenaline of running over the bridge is motivating me.  Scenic routes are everything.  Just don't look down and panic.  I don't feel any pain because I am on Cloud 9 or maybe FOG 9.  It is all good and I made it.
Mile 12 - 13 - A well-organized marathon is awesome.  Half-marathoners are on another path - FABULOUS!
Mile 16 - Our mile 16 is the finish line for the half marathoners.  Job well done guys!  That's the motivation we need to finish our last 10 miles.  Woohoo!!! Let's get it.
Mile 17...until I stopped for Cytomax (BTW is better than Gatorade on anyday).  As I began to run again I could not.  Every stop was painful.  It is taking me over 2 minutes for my leg to be able to bend to start running.  My leg is totally locking up.  Come on ITB - ease up, loosen up, let me finish.  And I slowly begin to jog in pain.  A man walks up behind me and places his hand on my back.  I turn around and he put his fist out for the "wonder-twin-powers activate" touch.
Mile 19 - I stop again and the leg just locks.  This is crazy!!! I have 7 more miles to go.  My wonder-twin-powers buddy is at the water stop.  In his Eastern European accent, he says "You've got it! Let's go!"
Mile 20 - 24 - He was right.  I do have it as long as I don't stop.  Keep going T!  You're almost done.
Mile 24 - I am dehydrated so I must stop for water.  A pacer is passing and I force myself to face the pain and start running.  I ran with the pacer and pacer followers to the finish line with the last strength in me.
Mile 26.2 - The Finish was the best!  It taught me that through every pain, you must endure.  It is about mind over matter.
Note to self:  Prepare for 4 days of pain.  Mind over matter that!!!