Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Sunday, July 26, 2009

San Francisco Check-In

The ITB issue has moved from the left leg to the right leg.  I only signed up for this race because this evil manager at this project has me at my boiling point.  If I don't exercise I am going to lose my mind, cuss someone out at the office, make someone mad that does not deserve it, or have a mental breakdown.  None of these are options so I am going to run another marathon.
I land at SFO with a mindset of purchasing an ITB wrap to allow me to run.  If I can't buy it, I am not running because the pain is way way way way worse than post-26 mile runs.  The leg just locks up and you feel like you are going to break your leg if you bend it. 
I arrive at the expo and head straight to the vendors and bypass the bib pickup.  Every gimmick possible is on display and for sale.  After roaming around for 15 minutes, I see the wrap that I need and purchase it.  Feeling much better, I go pick up my bib and tech tee shirt.  Now off to Left Bank for a fabulous French brunch and a check-into the hotel.