Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Sunday, January 17, 2010

H-Town - Be Prepared

It's my first 26.2 this year and also the first one I have run in two months.  It's also the first time I have even run in 2 months.  I am running on behalf of two organizations - Bereavement and the Houston Parkinson Society.  The Bereavement one has a special meaning because having experienced the sudden death of my grandparents and mother within six months, I know the exorbitant expenses of funerals all too well.  You always want to show the appreciation to the ones you love while they are alive but you SURE want to make sure that they are sent off in a very decent matter.  

I complete my return trip from Raleigh to LA at 11:45pm Friday evening with my routine layover at Dulles.
Pack my running gear and head back to the airport for a 6AM flight to Houston.
Now you may ask why didn't I go directly from Raleigh to Houston - quicker trip and all?  Good question.  Round-trips to Raleigh were for a particular client and I like my expenses to be clean-cut so there is no question what the client owes me.

I land in Houston and am off to the Convention Center to pick up my race bib.  I walk in and WHOA!!!!  This was bigger, better, and just ridiculously INCREDIBLE!  It was so incredible that I was there two hours just taking it in.  Chevron is the main sponsor.  Hmm!!! High Gas prices and elaborately sponsored events.  Well at least I get to participate in one.

Check into this hotel which is close to the start but 2 miles from the finish.  It is the proximity to the finish that really matters.  Timeout - I am allowed luxury over convenience.  For God's sake, I have been commuting to Raleigh for the last 4 weeks and staying at a not-so-nice Courtyard to save the client money every week. 

I take a 2 hour nap and wake up because I am in my stomping grounds.  I know Houston well.  Time to get it in - Galleria, Pappadeaux, Luby's and just OD on some real sweet tea.  Houston, let's go!

Let's see race day tomorrow and I am in Pappadeux's at the bar ordering the old-school Colossal Pepper Shrimp the chef made for me and sweet tea.   No pasta - the sweet tea will sugar me out.  I must have had 8 tall glasses of this sweet tea and 5 glasses of water while people watching and talking to every one around me at the bar.  I am at the Black Pappadeux's and brothers are sitting here talking all kinds of game to these women.  Women do not be so desperate.  A few men have not ordered any food - just bread and water. Is that something new? I did not know that made you a good catch because you were taking communion in the restaurant. lol 

It's now 12:30am.  My mind is on the race but this was some good relaxation.  Time to head back to the hotel.