Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The H-Town Comeback

With two hours of sleep I am up and ready to get it done.  Nervous but ready!  I walk over to the start hype.  Ultra Lite has a major display and the people working there are nice.  No beer for me, EVER, but I am not judging those who are whooping one down for the carb-load right now.

Off to the starting corral and this is a lively bunch.  I will not run with my iPod today unless I feel like I can not make it.

And we're off!

Mile 1 - Here we go with the mix of the half and the full marathoners making for tight quarters. And my Lord - men you are right - women do talk a lot.  I have to shake this group of women who just won't shut up!

Mile 2 - Where are we?  I have never been in these parts before.  People are hanging clothes on a clothestring on their porch.  I have not seen that in ages.  Nice friendly people cheering us on though.  

Mile 6 - Going steady and going strong.  No worries.  Not bad for someone who has not run in 2 months.

Mile 12 - The breaking point for the half-marathoners.  You're almost there - best of luck!

Mile 16 - Oh yes the Galleria.  Something about knowing there is a mall nearby with the best mix of discount, luxury, and quality is helping me to run.

Mile 20 - Okay I am almost to Memorial Drive and this is my ULTIMATE stopping ground and I have hit an early wall.  Time to stretch because I have to take this on in to the finish.  Let me run a little and walk a little.  And there is the Ultra Lite group handing out beers.  Wonder if that works.  I will try these Sports Beans instead.

Mile 21 - 25 And now it's time for the iPod.  Some strength came from somewhere as I am running through River Oaks.  Timeout:  I get my strength by running through the expensive residential areas. Evaluate that later!
I am running past Otto's and wishing I had a turkey barbecue sandwich on a wheat bun.  Wow! The last time I will pass this place.  I am sad that they are closing tomorrow and I stop and walk and take it in.

Mile 26 - Downtown I see you.  The finish is on the way.  I am doing a lot of waving and thank yous to the volunteers.  Let me just smile.  I need all the energy I can get.

FINISH - I did it. I can't believe this - under 5. Wow!  Take 2 months off and perform the best. And here's my medal for my Houston comeback.  BUT I have to walk to the farthest end of the convention center to get my finisher's shirt and mug.  SAY WHAT!!!!  

Timeout:  I just ran 26 miles and I have to walk the equivalent of 3/4 mile to get my well-deserved Under Armour shirt.  Hell keep the mug but the shirts should have been given with the medal.  Lord have mercy!

I brave the walk like a little old lady with a walker afraid to walk after a fall. I return outside of the Convention Center and there is a bike taxi - just like in San Diego.  Price is not a worry - take me to the hotel!

Cold bath for 15 minutes - NO ICE! Not an athlete yet!

Pack up and head to the airport.

Continental hold me down.  Oh wait, no legrests!