Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Saturday, October 9, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Landed at 7:30am at O'hare. Take cab to the Convention Center and wait until Expo opens at 9 to pick up my bib. Get bib after waiting in the long lines. Get back in cab to be at the gate at airport by 10:30AM for an 11AM flight. Arrive at the gate at 10:25AM thanks to a pretty fast cab driver. Land at Newark at 2:20PM and arrive at funeral at 3:15PM to show my respects. My friend sees me and he smiles.
Jump back in car service and head for Long Island. My normal driver sends this IDIOT to pick me up because he is out of town. TIMEOUT - Going through the Lincoln Tunnel from Montclair, New Jersey to take me to Long Island is ludicrous and he tells me that a Saturday afternoon in Manhattan has no traffic. Note to self: Say nothing and pray that I make it with at least 30 minutes to sit with my friend and her fabulous mother. Lord have mercy, could he drive any slower and go down any more of the MOST trafficked streets trying to get from the West side to the East side for the Midtown Tunnel? IDIOT! Okay pulling up at 4:35 and walk in. The look on her face was rewarding. I surprised her, but most importantly, I showed up for her important celebration.
Back in the car. I might make the 6:30PM flight. Arrive at Laguardia at 5:55PM and breeze right through security. Flight is on time. Board and thank God for a beautifully timed day where it was not about me. Job done!
Land in Chicago. It's hot as hell. Why is it 78 degrees? It better be cooler tomorrow. Head to Michigan Avenue and grab liters of water and something to eat from Sweetwater. Geezzzz I am exhausted!