Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Forget Resolution and Implement the Solution

Every year people get all hype about a New Year's resolution that goes right out of the door by the 1st of February and sometimes even sooner.  Why do people set out with high hopes and great intentions but fail to execute?  It's because they are not fixing the solution - THEIR MINDS.

You can write down all the goals you want and speak them into existence but until your mind changes and the values are upheld that constitute change, it's just a futile exercise.  Once the mind is free and clear of noise that clutters up the mental space that is necessary to prioritize goals and set aside time to take the proper actions, the sky is the limit.

I just had to clear my mind of some poor choices of relationships in the past two years by re-reading the book, Calling In the One, by Katherine Woodward-Thomas.  And unknowingly in October, I was well on my way to the mental restoration process needed to only maintain and engage in friendships that serve a benefit rather than create a cost - financially and psychologically.  In fact, reacquainting myself with 1 high school and 1 college friend did the trick because they were always genuine, good-hearted individuals who wanted the best for everyone - even me.

What goes on in your head distracts the mind from productivity.  Now with this newfound perspective on a clutter free mind, I will do a multi-day juice cleanse with with ingredients to sharpen my mental acumen and get a kickstart on my healthy living by continuing my mostly healthy eating habits and consistent workout regimen.

Keeping my mind free is the New Year's solution to go beyond what is visibly possible!