Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Guilty Dedication to Nike

Lets face it, Nike probably does not make the best athletic gear but they are the absolute in marketing brilliance in their industry and beyond. If you are a marathoner like me, Nike is not on the top list of shoes but their marketing campaigns make me feel like I  need to buy a pair of their shoes or at least their workout gear. But why do I feel the guilt?  It is because time again Nike has a forgiveness like no other when it comes to the so-called fallen athlete who has endorsed them in the past.

Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer in the world, single-handedly brought excitement to the game of golf.  He brought more money to the sport than any other competitor. It was the right endorsement choice for Nike because viewership for any tournament Tiger participated increased with even the young  spectators.  That Nike swoosh was familiar and Nike Golf was here to stay. And when he had an overexposed fidelity issue, Nike got it.  It was a family issue and they stuck with him and that swoosh is still memorable today as he continues to be the best. 

Both Kobe Bryant, my favorite active NBA player, and Michael Vick ( the quarterback that has been throwing and running like a wide receiver way before RG III , Cam Newton, and Colin Kaepernick) had their issues. Nike let the dust settle and these athletes came back stronger with rebuilt images and a much larger consistent fan base that thirsts for their skills.  

Not only do I buy shoes, shirts, and paraphernalia, I have believed with Nike that everyone deserves a second chance. It reminds me of having true friends who stick by me through thick and thin. Now that's the best marketing any company can put together - forgiveness and dependability. I guess I am going to the Nike store today.