Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking Point

Since I am back home in the cold (yes it's still 30 degrees in spring), running outdoors was not an option for me.  Instead I went against my desires and went to a class of all women at Physique 57 at the different locations around the city.  Known for the thigh, ab, and glute-intensive workouts, 6 classes in 4 days had me feeling the pain and enjoying the burn.  But something better happened in two of those classes - the opportunity to encourage two older newcomers to continue through the 57 minute class.

One grabbed her towel and walked out and I went to get her and brought her back in.  The other just gave up at the barre before I went to her side. When you think you can't make it anymore because the pain is too great, there is a sense of urgency for encouragement. If you can't encourage yourself, make sure you are around people who can talk you off the ledge. 

As I had a week full of unknowns followed by a week of doing business with some unethical people, the burden is extremely heavy for the smart business woman, who isn't feeling so smart. I can only talk to two people about it and one just didn't get it.  Didn't get that I was at the breaking point - the point where I just want to throw in the towel and leave, just like those two ladies. 

But on my way home in the car, a telephone call from my college buddy was the most enlightening and encouraging moment.  It was good to hear that someone understands that you can pour so much into others' lives that it is draining and lonesome when you can't get that in return from anywhere. But I was encouraged because she reiterated how my life is still a blessing compared to others.  

Tears of agreement dried up because I know it s not in my nature to quit. Maybe this week I can incorporate what I learned in the 57 minutes into a post-run routine when I return to the warm weather.  More importantly I will encourage another because someone encouraged me.