Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Stress Build-Up

Flying to work onsite for a project 6 hours one-way no big deal.  Having to connect is another story.  As long as Dulles and Chicago cooperate I will make it through.  So far so good even in the midst of the end of the winter.

But up here in no man's land during the week, where is the sun in May?  No wonder this UBCF (undiagnosed bi-polar control freak) is going off pointing pens in people's faces, yelling at people on the project, acting like she is on a construction site (in fact, those men act better), banging on her desk to ask for an update, and telling me that I cost too much money.  Note to Self:  Don't let it stress you T, walk it off!  It's a recession and you're in New England.  You are working around the hidden reality.

Finally I made it through the day and drive to the hotel where the "manager" informs me that my discount has run out and they will be charging me an extra $59/night beginning next week.  Okay really for a Springhill Suites.  This is not the Ritz Carlton and I am not in any HOT location.  So what I expense it, that is unfair and a complete rip-off.  Note to Self:  Say nothing. Smile and go to your room and look for a better deal.

Get to the room and my handyman calls to tell me that there is a $3700 emergency repair that has to take place on the house.  What kind of emergency is that?  How long can the emergency be an emergency - like a month or two?  Isn't the purpose of a handyman to prevent $3700 emergencies from happening.  I am two seconds from telling off this unhandyman and firing him.  Note to Self: Be kind because he has the keys to the boiler room and the garage.  Pretend like you are going to work with him until you can get home and see what is really going on.

All this stress and no sunshine has got to go.  This hotel has this small compact "gym" with two treadmills and an elliptical.  I HATE running on a treadmill.  I HATE wanna-be gyms that are really half the size of the room with one mirror and three machines.  No scenery and unfamiliar territory in an Obama presidency in New England - I DARE not run outside after work.  Maybe I will get me a Billy Blanks Tae-Bo DVD.