Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Goal to Survive

It's 3:30AM and I can't sleep.  The thought of having to see that crazy chic in meetings all day and deal with her abuse is just killing me. Why Lord, why have you put me here in the one of the most undesirable situations?  Of course, no answer!

I can't go back to sleep. Maybe I will run on that awful treadmill since there won't be any beach run or BH storefronts and fabulous houses to ease the boredom of a 5 mile run.  Okay I will get dressed and hit up the only treadmill that works.  Well the advantage - quiet, peace, privacy, and ESPN Sports News for an hour worked to my benefit because I did a whopping 6 miles - the most ever!  I am excited.

Head to the office and here comes the verbal lashing about a project plan that the UBCF created that is unreasonable even for the smartest and 90/hr work-week individuals.  She created the plan with unreasonable timeframes so why is she yelling at me - the person that told her the timeframes were off from the start.  Note to self: Look at her with a blank stare and ask her if she needs some help - not mental ward.
That worked for about an hour before she marched over for another verbal lashing.  I went to my laptop to add to my tithe.  I need credit with the Lord for my probable verbal slip-up with this chic.