Run Life's Course

Run Life's Course
It's The Course and the Finish that Counts

Monday, May 11, 2009

How It All Began

I am sitting behind my desk in an old office building that reminds me of my elementary school,  Slouched in my chair, flying to this client every week, and working more than 60 hours/week is a health disaster in the making.  Eating once a day or at midnight was a routine.  The depression of the looming recession, constant grind to stay afloat and pay employees, and taking chances on projects in unappealing places has sent me right off the fitness track.
My friend (size 2) just complained about her pants not fitting with the magic phrase, TRP, - thigh rub prevention.  That was my cue to return to fitness routine normalcy.  However in no man's land without my trusted personal trainer in a bootleg hotel with only two some-timey treadmills, brisk and rainy spring weather, and an undiagnosed bi-polar control freak client project manager, what am I to do?